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How to Make a Pirate Skirt

How to Make a Pirate Skirt

October 17, 2014 6:16 pm0 comments



My 9-yr-old wants to be a pirate for Halloween this year.  She plans on layering a shirt, vest, and jacket, but she needs a skirt.  She specified she wants it to be black and red and poufy.  I decided to go with black tulle, red lining, and an elastic waistband.  Here is how to make your own costume skirt:

What You Will Need:

2  yds lining fabric (this can be anything – it goes under the tulle so you can’t see through it.  I’m using cotton)

6 yds tulle

1 yd silky fabric for pennants

3″ x 44″ strip of fabric for waistband

3/4″ wide elastic, enough to go around waist


Measure around widest part of hips, around waist, and how long you want the skirt to be.


For waistband, add 3″ to the hip measurement.  Cut a 3″-wide strip of fabric this length.

For skirt lining, add 1″ to the skirt length measurement.  Cut two pieces of lining fabric this length on fold of fabric.

Leave tulle in one 6-yd length.  Trim to desired skirt length.

The pennants are going to be cut out of the silky fabric.  There will be six short and six long ones, which means you have to cut out 12 of each.  To figure out what size to make them, add 2″ to your original waist measurement, and divide by 6.  Add 1″ to this.  This will be the top width of the pennant.  I made my long pennants 18″ long, and my short ones 12″ long, but you can choose any length you wish.



Sew waistband into a circle using 1/2″ seam.  The seam will be the center back of the waistband.




Sew pennants right sides together, leaving top edge open.  Turn and press.

Sew the six long pennants together in a row across the top edges, with top corners just touching each other.  Now sew the six shorter pennants on top, overlapping as shown.  Form a circle out of the row of pennants, making sure to overlap the pennants all the way around.  The circumference of this circle should be the same as your waistband.


Baste your pennant circle to one edge of the waistband, right sides together.  Make sure the shorter triangles are on top, against the waistband.


Gather top edge of tulle.  Starting at the seam on the waistband, baste tulle to wrong side of the pennants.


Sew side seams of lining.  Sew a 1/4″ hem on bottom.  Gather top of lining.  Pin right side of lining to wrong side of tulle, making sure the center back is at the waistband seam.  Baste and stitch.


Fold waistband in half to inside, wrong sides together.  Turn under 1/4″ on bottom and stitch through all layers close to bottom edge.  Leave an opening to insert elastic.


Cut a piece of elastic that fits comfortably around waist, plus 1″.  Insert elastic into waistband.  Try on and adjust.  Sew ends of elastic together and sew seam shut.






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