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Recreating Sound of Music Costumes – Brigitta’s Dirndl Outfit

Recreating Sound of Music Costumes – Brigitta’s Dirndl Outfit

November 30, 2014 7:30 pm0 comments
Brigitta's Dirndl Brigitta’s Dirndl

I love recreating historical costumes, and when rewatching the Sound of Music recently, several of the dresses caught my eye as ones I would like to recreate.  I’m starting with Brigitta’s dirndl bodice, skirt, and blouse.

I found this picture of the original costume up for auction.

I’m not too worried about matching the fabric right now.  I mainly want to get the pattern right, and then I can make it with more suitable fabric.  I’m making it in a size 7 so my middle daughter can model it.
















I made the blouse first, using a basic bodice pattern.  I simply added a few inches to the front width and gathered it at the neckline.  I cut a strip of fabric 2″ x 18″ for the neck binding, folding under 1/2″ at the back opening edges.


The bodice was more complicated.  I made the bottom half separate from the armhole and neck trim, then sandwiched the trim over it and topstitched all the way around.

brigitta 1




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